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Broadcast yourself and meet new people with similar interests worldwide. Meet friends and gain followers while sharing your moments, and being paid-off!

Be A Star!

An Influencer is a user of social media who already established credibility within one or multiple industries and has access to a wide-reach of followers.

Be An Endorser

Broadcasters can receive virtual gifts that can be redeemed for cash. Qualified Broadcasters can also have a privilege to earn profit from advertising reads and videos.

Be Rewarded

Broadcasters can receive virtual gifts that can be redeemed for cash. Qualified Broadcasters can also have a privilege to earn profit from advertising reads and videos.

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How To Earn

Monetize your live streaming experience.


Vuzzle Live is a revolutionary mobile application for earning money on live streams. In contrast to other social platforms wherein they gain money from users,Vuuzle Live gives a breakthrough opportunity to its users to earn money through advertising global brands when they stream live.

Our application got all of these- streams from all over the world, videos of world stars and popular bloggers, text and face-to-face chats, thousands of unique followers, virtual gifts and awards

Everyone can use the app! If you have a talent, quirks, and tricks, start your first live stream experience with Vuzzle Live.

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What is Vuzzle Live?

We aim to become competitive and lead the live stream app in mobile applications with a stable audience base all over the globe.

We have outlined our business concept and idea to give you the best live streaming application ever and get close to our modern broadcasters of this generation.

  • The youth nowadays likes to share every moment of their life with others. Vuzzle Live has a feature of sharing each moment in a matter of seconds.

  • Vuzzle Live has adopted a profitable system to earn money while streaming. Users who have a potential of attracting audience will profit more by acquiring gifts from their loyal followers and admirers. It’s a win-win situation for streamers and followers.

  • Vuzzle Live applied game-design elements and principles in a non-game context which allows attracting and engaging more users. This approach has been quite successful for such popular apps nowadays. We strive to stand out from the rest by providing the best game ever in our app.

  • Users can communicate, share media content with one another, and express their opinion about posted stuff by liking it. The ability to communicate and video chat in the apps also play a crucial role in its popularity.

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How It Works

A simple guide on how to use Vuzzle Live


What to expect on Vuzzle Live

Advance Messenger

Much more improved and user-friendly messaging system.

Augmented Reality

We bring your interactive experience of a real-world environment live. Available Soon.


An easy way to share photos with friends and get their photos back.

Beam Me

Broadcasters can start a Beam and invite any viewer to join them.

Virtual Gifts

Tons of creative animation gifts that uniquely show you care.

Cash Out Solution

We find ways to convert your hard earned diamonds into cash.


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